The Team

Pool Police Games is small indie game developer started in 2014 with big dreams. Founded by a crew of college kids who all have loved games their entire lives and were all united by our passion for games. We decided to extend this passion to create games that everyone can enjoy just like the games we’ve enjoyed our entire lives.

Tim Karleskint:

Role: Team Lead, Programmer

Favorite Games: Final Fantasy Series, The Last of Us, Halo 3, Chrono Trigger, LoZ: A Link to the Past, Sonic 2

Bio: At a young age Tim first stumbled upon his first controller and it wasn’t long before he decided he had no intentions of ever letting go. Tim’s been playing games for as long as he can remember. Being raised on Mario, Sonic, Link and other iconic characters he’s developed a passion for all things gaming and will play anything he can get his hands on from RPGs to arcade bullet hells and everything in between. Tim attended Missouri S&T and got a double majoring Computer Engineering and Computer Science.


Austin Gantner:

class AustinGantner
Role title(“Lead Programmer”);
College former(“Missouri S&T”);
Major undergrad(“Computer Science”);
Vector<Game> favorites = {
Game(“League of Legends”),
Game(“Super Meat Boy”),
Game(“Star Wars Battlefront II”),
Game(“Age of Empires II: Conquerers Expansion”) };
char *interestingFact = “Loves disc golf, skiing, and programming.”;

Max Huhman:

Role: Creative Director, Audio Engineer, Sprite Artist

Favorite Games: Castlevania: SotN, Dark Souls series, Devil May Cry series, Halo 3, Gears of War 2

Bio: Max graduated from Missouri S&T, studying Computer Engineering. While he isn’t feeding in League of Legends, you might find him rocking out on guitar, out on the basketball court, or enjoying an egg and cheese sandwich. Other interesting facts include: he’s never played a game of solitaire, has a terrible poker face, and at one point could jump over a beam 5’10″ off the ground


Daneen Wilkerson:

Role: Lead Artist

After recently receiving her BA in Visual Arts at Hampshire College, Daneen is currently working alongside venerated fantasy artist Rebecca Guay and building her portfolio charged with all things magical. Daneen’s art, a combination of traditional and digital media, is defined by its darkness, whimsy, and emphasis on characters and storytelling.

Daneen enjoys world building and walking around in steampunk attire in public environments that tend to be somewhat unready for such sights. She currently resides in a hobbit hole in Connecticut with her boyfriend and the prospect of a wheezy pet dragon.

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