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Faded is an action platformer game with wonderful gameplay, fantastic music, and beautiful art. In a world stripped of all its color. You play as, Rain, a young boy with great curiosity, who ends up embarking on an even larger adventure. As your quest unfolds you restore color to the world making it more vivid and opening up unseen opportunities. Yet there are those that wish to stop Rain from restoring color. The shadow lord and his minions will stop at nothing to keep the world devoid of color and stop Rain.


  • Explore a gorgeous world that changes as you progress and release color back into the world.
  • Choose your own path! Pick the order you want to complete levels
  • Simple to learn, tough to master! Faded is meant to be enjoyable for players of all skills but still provide challenge to veteran players.
  • Fantastic custom soundtrack by Max Huhman.
  • Replay the adventure in New Game+ and find all the secrets the world has to offer!

Team History

Pool Police Games is small indie game developer started in 2014 with big dreams. Founded by a crew of college kids who all have loved games their entire lives and were all united by our passion for games. We decided to extend this passion to create games that everyone can enjoy just like the games we’ve enjoyed our entire lives.

  • Tim Karleskint: Team Lead, Programmer
  • Max Huhman: Creative Director, Audio Engineer, Sprite Artist
  • Austin Gantner: Lead Programmer
  • Daneen Wilkerson: Lead Artist


Faded Art and Screenshots Logo and Icon Files

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