About Faded


Faded is an action platformer game inspired by many classics, but with a twist. The world starts stripped of its color and everything is black and white. As you play and progress you restore color to the world making it more vivid and opening up unseen opportunities. You play as Rain. A young boy with great curiosity who ends up embarking on an even larger adventure.

As the player unleashes color into the world they unlock new powers and change environments, enemies, and visuals.

  • Choose your own adventure! Regions can be accessed in different orders giving you multiple paths to complete your quest.
  • Over six different bosses to vanquish
  • Fluid controls and controller support
  • Beautiful art
  • Original soundtrack


Long ago, there was a realm filled with color, beauty, and prosperity, known as Chroma. The people of the land held a spiritual bond with Nature and their surroundings; magic and life flowed in the same vein as air passes from lung to leaf.

But one entity sought to sever that connection. Nechromos, Lord of Shadow, plotted to rend the world of color, thus dispelling the tie between the magical arts and nature itself. He bound the essence of each color to guardians loyal to his cause, shrouding them in ancient shrines long forgotten. The colors gradually receded into the corners of the earth, lulling the world into a grey slumber. This came to be known as the Fading.

Once the Shadow Lord succeeded, the world became vapid, devoid of all wonder. Over time, Chroma’s inhabitants grew ignorant and self absorbed, disregarding their history. The Shadow Lord faded into legend and myth; as centuries came to pass, color too became nothing more than a fairytale.

However, these tales still echoed around campfires and bedsides alike. Although few believed such tall tales, one boy sought the truth. A son of a nomadic scholar, and an aspiring bookworm himself, became fascinated by the stories. He ravenously hunted down any books or scrolls referencing Nechromos or the Fading, hoping to sate his thirst for knowledge.

The boy was ridiculed by his peers for his blind faith in ancient fairy tales. Unfazed, he set out, Maps, scrolls, and staff in hand; he was ready to find his own answers. His eyes gleamed a pale silver grey, as he set off on an adventure.


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