Back from PAX South

PAX South was a fantastic experience! We loved showing off Faded to everyone and getting to meet and talk with all of you who were able to make it! Seeing everyone’s reactions as they played the game and the look on their faces when they unlocked new colors was truly amazing.

In addition we got some press coverage which helps us out a ton! Saturday night we were on the front page of IGN with a developer gameplay commentary video which you can find here , the folks over at Without the Sarcasm gave us the runner up for the “One to Watch” Award of PAX South and I”m sure we’ll hear about more as we go!

Now that PAX is done though its time for us to bring our primary attention back to the Kickstarter! We’ll have more regular updates and a lot more to show you as we progress! We also might have some live streams of making some music or art. As for now here are a few pics from PAX!

Below we have some pictures from PAX. The top 2 display our booth. The bottom left has our friends from Graphite Lab and Tic Toc Games. Check them out if you get the chance! The bottom right is our excellent enforcer Richard. We could not have asked for a better enforcer. Thanks Richard!!!